Blackpool FC News

Games that were called off because of fan protests
03/05/2021 15:00 by 90min
Nine matches that were postponed because of fan protests, including Man Utd vs Liverpool, Blackpool ..
Charlie Adam's response to old Sergio Aguero comparison is wonderful Twitter content
30/03/2021 13:30 by 90min
Charlie Adam laughs off claims his move to Liverpool in 2011 could be more significant that Sergio A..
Football's Ultimate 'One Season Wonders' - Ranked
16/09/2020 23:00 by 90min
A look at the top ten players who have been labeled as 'one-season wonders' and ranking them accordi..
Championship: Rotherham stun Sheffield United as Watford reach top six
08/11/2022 22:59 by TheGuardian
Championship roundup: six goals and four red cards in Bramall Lane chaos
15/10/2022 16:39 by TheGuardian
Nottingham Forest launch bid for Blackpool's Josh Bowler
31/08/2022 00:45 by 90min
Now the dust has settled, please don't make Jake Daniels 'The Gay Footballer'
23/05/2022 21:45 by 90min
Blackpool's Jake Daniels becomes first openly gay male footballer in UK
16/05/2022 19:34 by 90min
Blackpool's Neil Critchley: 'I wouldnt have left Liverpool unless it was for something special'
21/07/2020 09:00 by TheGuardian
David Dunn appointed as manager of Football League returnees Barrow
09/07/2020 10:53 by TheGuardian
Blackpool owner Simon Sadler: 'I think clubs will go like dominoes'
14/06/2020 15:30 by TheGuardian
Blackpool v Bolton Wanderers: 1953 FA Cup final C live!
02/05/2020 13:00 by TheGuardian
Neil Critchley appointed Blackpool manager after leaving Liverpool U-23s
02/03/2020 10:39 by TheGuardian
Oyston out: Blackpool sold to fan and financier Simon Sadler for around 10m
13/06/2019 17:31 by TheGuardian
Football League: Blackpool fans return to celebrate dramatic equaliser
09/03/2019 20:26 by TheGuardian
Blackpool enter receivership ahead of sale but risk 12-point deduction
13/02/2019 18:42 by TheGuardian
Blackpool FC, a Kyrgyzstan money-laundering conviction and a non-takeover
18/10/2018 11:30 by TheGuardian
Premier League failed to enforce ban on Owen Oyston at Blackpool
13/03/2018 14:05 by TheGuardian
The curious case of Blackpool versus Football Leagues ownership rules | David Conn
27/02/2018 12:30 by TheGuardian
Karl Oyston steps down as chairman of Blackpool in apparent rift
02/02/2018 21:10 by TheGuardian
Blackpools Oystons miss deadline for 10m payment to Belokon
01/02/2018 17:48 by TheGuardian
Quiet, thoughtful and good C Jimmy Armfield was a top manager | Gordon McQueen
22/01/2018 17:38 by TheGuardian
Former England captain Jimmy Armfield dies aged 82 C video obituary
22/01/2018 17:37 by TheGuardian
Jimmy Armfield obituary
22/01/2018 12:45 by TheGuardian
Jimmy Armfield, former England captain, dies aged 82
22/01/2018 10:48 by TheGuardian
Said & Done: It was clumsy. But there was no racist intent C Alexei Sorokin
21/01/2018 09:30 by TheGuardian
Said & Done: People think were asset-stripping. Its absolutely ridiculous
12/11/2017 09:45 by TheGuardian
Referee Ben Toner dropped from Blackpool game after Oystons court verdict
10/11/2017 17:27 by TheGuardian
Blackpool fans celebrate after club is put up for sale by Oyston family
10/11/2017 16:19 by TheGuardian
Blackpools demise makes a mockery of footballs fit and proper persons test | David Conn
07/11/2017 18:46 by TheGuardian
Oystons ordered to buy out Blackpool shareholder for 31m after losing court battle
06/11/2017 16:25 by TheGuardian
Oyston family treats Blackpool as personal cash machine, high court told
12/06/2017 15:18 by TheGuardian
We Want Oyston Out: Blackpool fans are trying anything and everything - video
08/05/2017 13:16 by TheGuardian
Leyton Orient fans to be allowed to attend final league game at Blackpool
02/05/2017 17:59 by TheGuardian

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